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Firearms have been a part of American life since the formation of this country. The freedom to own firearms for hunting, recreation and the defense of our lives and personal property is also a part of this heritage. With the changes in modern society, firearms ownership has seen a resurgence of popularity and many Americans are rediscovering the pleasure of recreational shooting and hunting as well as the security of owning a firearm for the defense of themselves and their loved ones.

Born of a need for quality, no nonsense firearms training, Lewis Creek Shooting School is a firearms training facility with a practical attitude. Firearms ownership is at the highest level in the history of the country and many of those new firearms owners have little or no experience. We understand new shooters need real information and instruction in the fundamentals. With new shooters, we focus on those fundamentals and supply our students with usable information about equipment choices. We also understand the importance of teaching safe gun handling and marksmanship to the youth of America. Our history with national level youth shooting programs allows insight into what it takes to get a young shooter started on the right foot.

Putting a lot of rounds through a gun doesn’t make you a great shooter. Cherie and I have both been championship level shooters and I’ve trained shooters who became National Champions, law enforcement officers, and snipers. The same fundamentals apply to competitive shooting as to recreational or defensive shooting; the only difference is in the application.

While some training facilities focus on training for situations that are portrayed in movies but highly unlikely to happen in real life, we focus on teaching shooting applications that apply to the real world. Most homeowners aren’t likely to run through multiple magazines in defensive situations, and while they need to be totally familiar with their firearm, the requirements of Law Enforcement and Military don’t apply to civilians. We focus on what matters, safe gun handling practices, basic accuracy, and enough practice to be comfortable and not have to consciously think about the operation of the firearm. We believe in helping our clients get what will work best for them and giving them training that will work in a real world.

I’ve been teaching people to shoot for over three decades. I’ve taught kids from eight and senior adults in their eighties. I understand people and I understand guns. Through my experiences as both a coach and a shooter, I’ve learned how to analyze the problems shooters experience and how to resolve them.

Take any class we teach and if you don’t feel you’ve learned what you need, we’ll refund your money. It’s as simple as that.

Dick Jones

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