From the Gun Farm…

Born of a need for quality, no nonsense firearms training, Lewis Creek Shooting School is a firearms training facility with a practical attitude. I grew up on this property and our ranges are located on the fields of our little family farm. With the world getting scarier every year, firearms ownership is at the highest level in the history of the country and many of those new firearms owners have little or no experience. We understand the importance of teaching safe gun handling and marksmanship to the youth of America. Our history with national level adult and youth shooting programs allows insight into what it takes to get a new shooter started on the right foot.

I’ve trained National Champions, law enforcement officers, and snipers. The same fundamentals apply to competitive shooting as to defensive or recreational shooting; the only difference is in the application.

We focus on concealed carry classes, and teaching shooting applications that apply to the real world. We achieve success by focusing on what matters: safe gun handling practices, basic accuracy, and improvement through repetition. We believe in helping our clients learn what will work best for them and give them training that will work in a real world.

While our little farm once grew tobacco, the property is now growing better shooters and I like to refer to it as the Gun Farm. I’ve been teaching shooting for four decades now. Take any class we teach and if you don’t feel you’ve learned what you need, we’ll refund your money. It’s as simple as that.

Dick Jones