About the Instructors

Dick Jones, has been competing, teaching and coaching since 1976. His shooting career includes competition and titles in shotgun, rifle, and pistol. He’s a Distinguished Rifleman and former High Master and has earned awards in almost every shooting discipline as well as for shooting and coaching on a national level.

He’s also a well-known gun writer whose written a book on concealed carry for Gun Digest Publications. He writes about a wide variety of shooting subjects and you can see and read much of his content at his website: werofftheporch.com.

Cherie Jones is an NRA certified rifle, pistol, and shotgun instructor. She’s competed in a wide variety of disciplines and has won three Northeast Side by Side Women’s Shotgun Championships. She hunts upland birds, waterfowl and deer. She’s also an outdoor writer who promotes women becoming more involved in shooting, hunting and other traditional outdoor activities.

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