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  • Had a great duck hunt at Dewitt's Game Farm with the Remington Guys and Chris Cerino. Chris and I then spent the afternoon shooting .22s

  • While Chris Cerino is in Florida, I've been shooting his Volquartsen SS. When he comes back through NC, I may have it locked up and the safe and be unable to remember the combination. Best group at 50 yards was right at .50 with Eley Benchrest Match. My Compass Lake did outdo it with a better scope at just under .40. Chris' gun has a 1.5-6, my Compass Lake has a 6-18. Heck of a rifle.

  • OK, I admit this is not conclusive. Chris shot another group today that would have been a winner except for the tenth shot. He and the Volquartsen do have a disadvantage because the Volquartsen is sporting a 1.5-6X scope. His best groups came from some Eley Benchrest Gold that's about 25 years old. It won't run in the tight chamber of my Compass Lake because it's a little oxidized. My best group ever was shot with Federal Gold Match but the best group of this throwdown was shot with Wolf Match. Either way. these are two really accurate rimfire semi-autos. By the way, the flyer on Chris' round target cost him a Corona on a side bet.

  • Wow, have we had a shooting weekend or what? Chris, Michelle, Alex and Colton Cerino, of Cerino Consulting and Training, Top Shot, and Gun Talk fame came on Thursday. We spent the afternoon shooting rimfires like the CZ 455 Tacticool, the Anchutz MSR 22, and Chris' Volquartzen takedown Ruger 22. On Friday Kevin and Dylan Frazier came by to warm up for PHA's rimfire match and we had a great Concealed Carry Class on Saturday. Heading for the War Sport Team Match to hook back up with Chris and Michelle today after Church. Check out new shooter, Cindy and her dad, Bobby. She took the class having never fired a pistol and qualified with flying colors. It was great having nice folks in the class. Zoom in and check out the score, she beat him by three Xs.

Lewis Creek Shooting School

November 18, 2011

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  • they let me hold the Biancchi cup trophy.

June CCH Class at Lewis Creek

  • Cherie, David Motsinger and Addison Chandler get the first relay ready for qualification

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Galco Ankle Holster

Fly at 25 yards

  • The little black spot to the right is fly head. I took a body shot.

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  • This week while Chris was at the house we shot his MGI Hydra 1 receiver with 5 different calibers Wow

  • I had a great time yesterday at the Woody's designated marksman match with my new friends Alex and Mac Freeman