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At Lewis Creek Shooting, we tailor our classes to meet your needs and skill levels.  Our most popular class is our North Carolina Concealed Carry Course, but If you have a specific need, give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for.  Pistol, rifle or shotgun, we’ll get you where you want to be in your shooting skills.

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Current classes offered:

Guns 101 (Your intro into the world of handguns, shotguns and rifles)

If you’d like to learn more about shooting a new handgun, rifle, or shotgun, we offer an introductory class as a one on one or small group level to get you started. This class covers safety, operation, and shooting and is ideal for the new gun owner. Depending on the situation, this requires one or two hours and is at our standard rate of $60 an hour for up to two people. We’ll do the class on your schedule and fit it to your skill level.

(Credit Card sign up for first hour,$60)

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Personal Defense Firearms training

Personal defense seems to be on the minds of everyone these days and just taking a Concealed Carry Certification Class and buying a gun puts you at the same level of skill as your first day of driving after taking Drivers Ed. Learn the right way to run the gun and learn how you can develop your skills at home through dry fire repetition and gear manipulation. These sessions are matched to your skill level and utilize the same shooting techniques used by Federal Air Marshalls.

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North Carolina Concealed Carry Course

Normally held on the second Saturday of each month, our CCH Certification class is the best in North Carolina, or you can have your money back. We cover the North Carolina Curriculum with an emphasis on legal issues as they result to civil liabilities. The practical part of our class teaches real techniques that work and safety is always priority one.

Cost is $150 for walk-ins and $125 for pre-registration and includes all materials, as well as guns and ammunition if needed. Lunch and snacks are included and the class is held in our lodge like setting and you’ll learn and shoot at the same location. After the class, we open the range and put out a wide array of modern concealed carry guns for you to shoot to help you find the right gun for you.  

We’ve have a couple of clients wanting a CCH certification on a weekday. If that would be preferable for you, please give us a call and let us know.

(Credit Card sign up $125 per person)

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CCH Brush Up Course for Current CCH Permit Holders *

If you took your CCH certification a while back, you need to learn of the recent changes to Laws Concerning the Use of Deadly Force in North Carolina. If you took it somewhere other than Lewis Creek, you should take our Brush Up class to learn all you missed. Cost of the class is $80 with pre-registration and $100 for walk-ons and includes lunch. If you aren’t amazed at what you didn’t learn in your previous class with another instructor, the class is free.  

(Credit Card sign up $80 per person)

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*(Note: Anyone taking the Brush up CCH course can sit in with any CCH Class)

Team Building

We can provide team building events with the focus on pistol or shotgun on our Five Stand shotgun range or our new Steel target pistol range. We can set up short competitive stages for pistol, rifle, shotgun, or all three. Shoot clays or enjoy a short action shooting event, enjoy a meal, and relax later on the porch at the Gun Farm. We’re flexible and can set up a fun event for all from experienced shooters to simply doing an introduction to shooting for new shooters.  

(Please contact us to set up a class time and date the works for you)

Wingshooting Workshops

If you’re having trouble connecting with targets or birds, let us check your gun fit, and get you on the right track in the fundamentals of wingshooting. We can do instruction individually or as a small group. Groups can schedule as a fun or team building event and we can include lunch or food later if needed. Rates are $60 per hour for two and $30 per person additionally for larger groups. Targets are $8 per round and shells are usually available.

(Credit Card sign up for first hour,$60)

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Basics of Rifle sight in

Learn how to sight in your hunting rifle with a minimum of shots while getting or checking your zero for hunting season. Learn the principals of convergence, how to use math in sighting in, and the best way to shoot accurately in the field.

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