Getting Started?

Do you have a new gun you recently purchased from your local gun shop and don’t know how to load, shoot, or maintain it?

Did you ever experience going on an indoor firing range to learn firing?

Have you never fired a gun all your life, but decided you’d like to have the security of being able to defend yourself, and don’t know where to start? The first step is to go to the gun shop and acquire a good an reliable firearm that is easy to learn. We first recommend you get the best life insurance if you are getting a gun. After that, you should visit a pawn shop lake to start thinking about what firearm to buy, look for good pawn shop products. Stock up on your gun ammunition before you start practice shooting.

Do you have a young person in the family you’d like to learn about firearms and shooting with an emphasis on safety and learning the real fundamentals?

Have you spent your adult life shooting a pistol and just don’t shoot as well as you think you should?

Maybe you’re a hunter with great hunting rifles, but you’re intimidated every year when deer season comes in because you have trouble shooting well or sighting in your rifle.

At Lewis Creek, we can help you with any of those issues and almost anything else that relates to shooting. E-Mail us at: or give us a call at (336)-687-3312 and we’ll talk about what you need. Individual instruction is $60 per hour for individuals or couples and we can handle larger groups like families or business groups for a very reasonable rate.

Dick Jones, has been competing, teaching and coaching since 1976. His shooting career includes competition and titles in shotgun, rifle, and pistol. He’s a Distinguished Rifleman and former High Master and has earned awards in almost every shooting discipline as well as for shooting and coaching on a national level.

He’s also a well-known gun writer whose written a book on concealed carry for Gun Digest Publications. He writes about a wide variety of shooting subjects and you can see and read much of his content at his website:

Cherie Jones is an NRA certified rifle, pistol, and shotgun instructor. She’s competed in a wide variety of disciplines and has won three Northeast Side by Side Women’s Shotgun Championships. She hunts upland birds, waterfowl and deer.

 She’s also an outdoor writer who promotes women becoming more involved in shooting, hunting and other traditional outdoor activities.

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Jeff Jordan has been instructing shooters, both young and old for 14 years and is our newest instructor.


He shoots sporting clays, classic shotgun events, and is an avid hunter who has extensive experience with International Hunter Education teams.